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We are committed to not only thoroughly presenting the best case for our clients but also making sure their needs are met during their journey through the legal process.

Criminal Defense / Criminal Law

Zach Myers has made an incredible name for himself in this particular practice area. No matter what you are dealing with, he will fight tirelessly for you and ensure that justice is served.

This list provides examples of cases most commonly practiced. 

Personal Injury

Your Path to Justice and Fair Compensation

Types of Personal Injuries:

Possible Compensation:

In personal injury cases, the amount varies based on severity and circumstances. Examples include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. Awards can range from a few thousand dollars for minor injuries to multimillion-dollar settlements for severe or permanent injuries.

Why Pursue Fair Compensation?

It’s not just about money; it’s about restoring balance and justice. Personal injury victims endure physical pain, emotional distress, and financial strain. Fair compensation not only covers immediate costs but also aids in rebuilding lives, accessing vital medical care, and easing burdens. Our dedicated legal team is here to fight for your rights, securing the maximum compensation to help you move forward with confidence and dignity.

Civil Litigation

Navigating Business Challenges with Legal Expertise: Civil Litigation Services at Northwest Law

Welcome to Northwest Law, where our experienced lawyers specialize in Civil Litigation, offering a comprehensive range of services to support businesses of all sizes. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our robust offerings:

Family Law

Comprehensive Family Law Advocacy at Northwest Law: Your Trusted Partners in Legal Support

At Northwest Law, our family law team is committed to providing unparalleled assistance and compassionate advocacy in a range of family law matters. With expertise and dedication, we assist clients in navigating complex issues, ensuring their rights are protected and their best interests are represented.

We Specialize in: 

Estate Planning

Securing Your Legacy: Expert Estate Planning with Northwest Law

At Northwest Law, our dedicated estate planning attorneys understand the significance of preserving your legacy and ensuring your wishes are honored. Our amazing lawyers offer comprehensive assistance in crafting Wills and Trusts, establishing Power of Attorney, and outlining Advanced Medical Directives to provide you with peace of mind and protect your assets.

Reclaiming Your Rights: Firearms and Record Expungement at Northwest Law

At Northwest Law, our experienced lawyers are dedicated to representing clients seeking Firearms Rights Restoration and Record Expungement. We understand the significance of regaining control over your rights, and our legal team is here to guide you through these essential services.