A Triumph in Justice: DUI Dismissal for Zach Myers, Partner, and Owner at Northwest Law


In a recent legal victory, Zach Myers, a distinguished lawyer, partner, and owner at Northwest Law in Spokane, Washington, achieved a significant milestone with the dismissal of a DUI case. This accomplishment not only underscores his legal prowess but also exemplifies the commitment to excellence that defines Northwest Law.

The DUI Dismissal:

Zach Myers, known for his expertise and dedication in criminal defense, successfully navigated a complex DUI case, resulting in a dismissal. His strategic approach, attention to detail, and in-depth legal knowledge played pivotal roles in securing this favorable outcome. This achievement reflects not only the proficiency of Myers but also the unwavering commitment of Northwest Law to providing top-notch legal representation.

Why Choose Northwest Law for DUI Defense:

Expertise in DUI Cases:
Zach Myers, with a wealth of experience in criminal defense, specializes in DUI cases. His understanding of the intricacies involved in such matters positions Northwest Law as a premier choice for individuals facing DUI charges.

Personalized and Strategic Defense:
Northwest Law is renowned for its personalized and strategic approach to each case. The legal team, led by Myers, takes the time to understand the unique circumstances of every client, tailoring defense strategies that address specific nuances and challenges.

Legal Excellence and Knowledge:
As a partner and owner of Northwest Law, Zach Myers embodies legal excellence. The firm boasts a team of skilled attorneys with diverse legal expertise, ensuring clients receive comprehensive and informed representation.

Proven Track Record:
The successful DUI dismissal in Zach Myers’s case adds to Northwest Law’s impressive track record. The firm has consistently delivered favorable outcomes for clients in various criminal defense matters, earning trust and acclaim within the legal community.

Client-Centered Approach:
Northwest Law places clients at the center of its practice. The team understands the stress and uncertainty associated with legal matters and is committed to providing not only robust legal defense but also empathetic support throughout the process.


Zach Myers‘s recent DUI dismissal stands as a testament to the commitment to justice and legal excellence at Northwest Law. As a go-to destination for DUI defense, the firm continues to set the standard for personalized, strategic, and effective legal representation. When facing DUI charges, choosing Northwest Law means partnering with a team that goes above and beyond to secure the best possible outcome for its clients.

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