1 Month Credit for Time Served, by Jake Beloit


Jake Beloit, the office administrator at Northwest Law in Spokane, Washington, offers a profound insight into the inner workings of a law firm through this blog. His perspective sheds light on a role often overlooked or misunderstood. We applaud his candor and appreciate the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of working in a legal office.

1 Month Credit for Time Served, by Jake Beloit

“The English language, renowned for its complexity, takes on new dimensions in various fields, morphing simple words into nuanced terms that seem a world away from their origins. The term ‘Legalese‘ barely scratches the surface of this transformation. Add to that a labyrinth of acronyms and RCW code numbers, and it’s no surprise that most attorneys earn their Juris Doctorates before passing the Bar exams. Entering the legal arena at 33 with what I believed to be a well-rounded resume, I anticipated hitting the ground running as an Office Administrator. However, grappling with the linguistic maze proved to be a challenge I hadn’t foreseen.

In the fast-paced world of criminal legal defense, there’s no time to ease into the learning curve. On my first day, it became clear: I had to absorb an entire knowledge base while simultaneously mastering the whirlwind of new terms and acronyms in real-time. My role, seemingly basic—answering calls, handling clerical tasks, and preparing documents—was anything but simple. NOAs, NIWs, NORs, RFDs—the seemingly straightforward tasks were steeped in complexity. Scheduling Orders, for instance, appeared deceptively simple but involved intricate procedures, from obtaining signatures to court submissions.

After five weeks, the internal dialogue of recalibrating terms is starting to subside. Now, my focus shifts to mastering processes and procedures. If I were to be evaluated today, I’d ask for credit for time served—acknowledgment of the intensive learning curve I’ve traversed.

We often take for granted the simple pleasures—the warmth of sunlight on our skin, the return of seasonal birds, the transition from winter chill to balmy breezes. Yet, for those with vision impairments, the experience of a “beautiful sunny day” differs starkly. Similarly, in our internal and external worlds, ups and downs abound. But perhaps nothing disrupts life more profoundly than incarceration.

Working at a criminal and civil law firm as an office administrator, communication seems straightforward—liaising with legal aides, lawyers, and clients. Yet, conversing with inmates reveals a stark reality. Whether it’s a defendant protesting innocence or a resigned juvenile facing a lengthy sentence, each call challenges perceptions.

Why, for instance, does a petty theft case evoke more empathy than an accidental homicide? It’s a testament to our ability to rationalize behaviors within a moral framework. But when faced with the weight of certain situations, rationalization falters. It’s a lesson in adaptability and the power of perception.

Regardless of circumstances, one thing remains clear: perception is paramount. It shapes our understanding of the world and informs our responses to its challenges.”

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